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  Brodiaea's Fashions

    Brodiaea's Fashions
What We Sell
Period Fashions  - From the mid 1800's
    Working from photos, books and garments, Ginger's original designs incorporate the details used in the past to create a beautiful wearable garment for today.  For the Ladies - Work clothes to garden party dresses, underpinnings to bonnets... For the Gentleman - Shirts and Vests, and soldiers accessories... For the Children - Girls dresses and undergarments.... Plus period handmade dolls and accessories.  The Civil War and Victorian Reenactor can find quality and beauty.  Using materials appropriate to the period, cotton, silk, linen and wool, Ginger's preparation and handling makes the final product both beautiful and comfortable, plus easy to care for.

Ethnic Fashions
     Feresi, folk costume from Eastern Finland, comfortable jumper style dress and undergarments for ladies and young girls.   Czech and folk style shirts for men, cotton, linen and silk. 

    Using her unique pattern and design, Ginger has created earmuffs that are a sight for the eye and warm to the ear.  Embroidered cotton corduroy with plush fake fur covering the ears... they are stylish for women and men, colorful or subtle.. warming the world two ears at a time.

Complete your look with beautful accessories, and enjoy our many related Civil War era products.. music and fashion history, handmade toys, and handmade wooden chairs and lanterns... visit us at our next event!
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